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Time is up. The time is now.

I am tired of the days where you have less support from the women in your career path, or at your work, than men. I am not knocking these women's accomplishments - they have paved the way - and I respect that along their lonely uphill climb, especially in a male-dominated workplace environment, they had to become hardened, tough, and gritty to survive, and also thrive. However, those days are over...now.

The time is now.

Let us, women, create the workplace environment that influences and ultimately changes this lonely uphill climb to that of a friendly adventure; leveraging each other's strengths, experience, and synergy. It is a woman's nature to support other women. Let us embrace that natural inclination and ability to support, help, nurture, and collectively succeed in our careers and also in life. It starts with one small genuine gesture at a time. All it takes is one act of support, aid, help to another woman and you have started on your incredibly rewarding journey of supporting women. Creating a culture is about showing how great the adoption of this new culture is to others, every day, in usually small ways. Over time, these small gestures have a "pay-it-forward" effect. It feels good to help others. It also feels good to be helped by others. We know this, however it seems challenging to start on something which looks so massive, so worldwide, so pervasive. Taking one small step, today, not at some day in the future, or tomorrow, today.

The time is now.

I see the changes, I am inspired by the younger generations, I am encouraged to keep going. I absolutely love mentoring others, especially young women just starting in their career. They teach me more than they realize... think about that statement for just a second... How do they teach me? By opening my mind to new ideas, new ways of thinking, inspiring me to think, speak, and act in such a way that enables their success.

It amazes me how giving to one other person always feels like you giving to several other people. The reality is that you are giving to several people, and in your gut you know this to be true. The act of supporting, giving, helping another is our most sincere, actionable, and humbling way of making a difference.

I don't want to be a repeat of the women before me to these young women... I want to be better - they make me better by opening my heart and mind to what I want tomorrow to look like, starting today. Starting now.

The time is now.

We are all tired of seeing or hearing women being emotionally or physically degraded by anyone. When we see it happening... what is the response? Do we come to the person's aid? Do we know how to come to the person's aid? Do we accept it for what it is an move on? Do we even notice it happening?

Every time a person, anyone, man or woman, is degraded, and no support or resolution is given, the opposite effect of helping each other, one act at a time, is being chipped away. So, let us also make small changes to ensure that our simple helpful acts aren't being negated.

Let us first notice it happening. Starting today. Starting now. Make note of how often this happens around or to you. If you don't experience this much in your life, yourself, then you should be one of the first to go out and support those who are experiencing this.

If you are experiencing this, you might not realize just how bad it is. As a coping mechanism you might have rationalized the situations and degradation as being deserved somehow. Or, also as a coping mechanism, you might try to ignore, overlook, move past the situation. Everyone needs to cope in their own way, however as soon as possible realize that rising above and addressing the situation is not just for your own sake, but for all the women experiencing this in the world. Yes, I said world.

Hey I get it; I have been degraded upon several times myself. I have always been the type to stand up for other women, but sometimes ignore my own needs. I believe this can be a common gotcha of those who are taking steps to actively help others. Those who help others are constantly looking outward to solve the problems they themselves face or they see faced by those around them. However, starting with yourself is greatly impactful to the overall ideal of helping others. Why? Well, because you are then leading by example, you don't allow others to treat you disrespectfully, you give others, other women, the power to then incorporate this in their own life. Again, take small steps, small changes, small gestures, today, now.

The time is now.

My final statement to those who are reading this is: I am with you. I am taking small steps every day and I work every day to never forget how far I, myself, have come, and how far those around me have come. You are what is needed. Don't wait to acknowledge and support your true, wonderful value. Other women are what is needed. Don't wait to acknowledge and support other women. I truly believe that together, women supporting women, is the most powerful force for good.


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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

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