How JOURNE Works

First, let's talk.

When you sign up with our platform we begin a conversation with you about

✓  your journey so far

✓  your values 

✓  where you think you might like to go


We cut out the clutter of the irrelevant by personalizing your experience.  

Then, let JOURNE do the work.  

JOURNE uses AI + data analytics to create

✓  personalized career path options

✓  skills analyses and laddering tools

✓  business intelligence on target organizations

✓  curated contacts

✓  values and culture analysis

Because better information = 

better decisions.

But a goal without a plan is just a wish.

JOURNE's platform is designed with a built-in support system based on behavioral science to help keep you organized and on-track including

✓  weekly goals

✓  career journaling 

✓  feedback 

Because science shows that we do better with goals and accountability.