Your Career Is Our Calling.

JOURNE is taking the guesswork and stress out of running your career by delivering

a personalized roadmap for success using AI, big-data analytics and behavioral science.

Run your career, don't let your career run you.


What Our Users Think of JOURNE

JOURNE offered me clarity. 

I received 2 detailed paths with information on what job titles I should be looking for, and the general promotion structure from entry to senior level. 


I was also able to see companies I should reach out to and even specific contacts in my field who might have extra insight.


What I was most amazed by was the data that was collected and presented to me in an understandable way.  I love data, but what JOURNE provided was data I never though to look up.


Let JOURNE be your cheerleaders and mentors and personal research squad.  You will gain so much from the experience, and, ideally, gain a new career. 

Katie S.